Live comfortably in Niamey

International safety and living standards for every resident at Appartements des Dunes.

This newly-built apartment complex features carefully designed elements that blend into the environment and are very appealing to the eye. Residents are offered both long- and short-term stays, making it the perfect location for international travellers seeking a home away from home.

Being only minutes away from the city of Niamey, Koira Kano provides an excellent opportunity for international travellers needing the comfort of a private apartment. With extravagant design and spacious rooms, we offer a home away from home for travellers seeking comfort.

Our excellent team offers residents the luxury of having a fully serviced apartment, including many other amenities such as fully equipped kitchens and driver services.


Appartements des Dunes offers residents a gated community, with 24/7 security staff. The grounds are further secured with tall fences, making it the ideal location for international workers needing the tranquility necessary to call des Dunes their home.


Being located in Koira Kano, Appartements des Dunes is the ideal location for residents wanting to stay close to the city. In only 10 minutes, residents can travel to and from Niamey without any hassle.

For guests arriving at Diori Hamani International Airport, transfer services are available to get you to and from the airport conveniently.


Koira Kano is one of the most luxurious areas in all of Niamey. It features many governmental residences, including the American embassy. Koira Kano includes all of the amenities expected from a modern neighbourhood, with convenience stores, petrol stations and pharmacies available locally.